Vision Into Purpose (VIP) Day

I help you design
the life you want.

The full Tame Your Brain® VIP Day is an intense ‘deep dive’ into you and your business.

You spend a 6 hour day either in person if you’re in the UK, or via Zoom if you’re outside the UK.

We work on a range of issues identified in advance so it’s completely personalised to you.

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Our work together will cover:

Terrain: Where you are now
Aim: Where you want to be
Moves: What are the precise steps to close the gap
Evaluation: A toolbox of scientifically proven techniques to evaluate, engineer and educate yourself along your journey.

How do we do this?

Tame Your Brain is a global movement, creating empowerment through knowledge of the neuroscience of success that leads to the ultimate success with soul. Change your mind, change your life, change your income.

We can address:

We also dive deep into:

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Pricing for the VIP Day is $7000.00

All prices exclude VAT where applicable.