5 Days To Freedom

Black Friday 2023 Has Closed

Day 5: Academy

Also join the Tame Your Brain® Academy at the founder price of $55/month before it moves to $249/month at full pricing.

The Tame Your Brain® Academy is a community where Libby delivers a live Subconscious Coding Therapy® session every month and one Academy member gets Hot Seat Coaching for a full deep and personal reboot.

There is also a huge library of training videos on the neuroscience of success and the strategy of online business growth.



Day 4: Brand MRI

Your Brand & Business MRI

Magnetism, a deep dive into your current attraction strategies. 

Resonance, how aligned are you with what you’ve got and where you’re going? Where are you blocking yourself? What do you need to shift?

Impact and Income – how do you serve, how can you change lives, and how can you build an amazing business that grows into a global brand?

A full day of deep dive 1:1 with Libby including energy clearing to clear the blocks and full Subconscious Coding Therapy to hardwire you to success.



Day 3: Money magnet Bundle

👉 This is the most amazing value as its our best selling “Money Magnet” bundle AND we’re throwing in the life changing Procrastination Masterclass which has had so many reports of huge breakthroughs over the years.

This comes with a bonus of our special Consequences Grid that you can use again and again.



Day 2: Resolution Reboot

👉I’m running a deep dive, 1 day Masterclass which is a virtual retreat with me, to get you sorted. Resolution Reboot is a complete uplevel for you.

Clean up your memories with 2023 hindsight vision. Set your goals in a way that makes you more likely to effortlessly succeed. Build the strategy to help you soar.

Come with me on a walk you’ll never forget, and learn the tools used by top entrepreneurs around the world, because this stuff works. I will teach you in 1day flat. I’ll then support you for the next month in the group. Every year my clients tell me how hugely valuable this one day is.

Learn more at: https://tame.kemkaran.com/resolution-reboot



Day 1: 1:1 Session & Neurotype Profile

A 60 minute 1:1 session with Dr Libby, along with a full neurotype profile and report to help you move in complete alignment with your brain and body, 

Purchase using this link at this special Black Friday rate, DM Libby a screenshot and she will book you in for her next available session. 



All prices exclude VAT where applicable.